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6 tips to keep the leather bag.. so that it looks like new

The woman is surprised by the presence of scratches in separate places in the leather handbag, or some stains of food and drink, which spoil the appearance of the bag, which causes the woman to feel embarrassed in front of her colleagues at work and her friends, so she may try to clean it in incorrect ways that cause damage to it or leave it in the wardrobe, and to avoid This happens and to preserve it, we learn some tips for preserving the leather bag, according to the "handbags" website.

Leather bag Leather bag

Tips for maintaining a leather handbag:

Leather naturally absorbs oils and other substances that come into contact with it, so it is very important to keep your hands clean when using the bag, to avoid the build-up of colored spots.

- It is recommended to store makeup in a separate bag, to ensure that it is not deformed from the inside or outside with makeup tools and to keep it clean.

Leather Bags Leather Bags

- Avoid carrying a lot of heavy things inside the handbag, in order to avoid stretching or tearing the leather.

Avoid putting various cosmetics such as hairspray and other hair products that damage the skin, because hair dyes and other products can cause irreparable damage to the bag. It is also advised to avoid putting perfumes, deodorants, and lotions inside the bag.

Cleaning a leather bag Cleaning a leather bag

- Avoid using leather bags on rainy days or exposing them to water in general, because moisture causes damage to the bag, and therefore if it is unintentionally exposed to water, it must be quickly dried with a towel.

- It is recommended to clean the bag from food and other stains by using a product dedicated to leather care, following the instructions written in the cleaning product, leaving the cleaner on the stain overnight, then wiping it with a clean, damp cloth, knowing to avoid using any cleaning product that contains oil, mineral alcohol, or Product not designed for skins.

omar mohammed

omar mohammed

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