When the game is in round 13, means it's the last round, the transcendence, and in turn the beginning of a new cycle that will come in the next round, the Magnetic tone round that is characterized by gathering the Purpose. 
Participants will have "Synchronized Time" if at the end of round 13 the time has not reached the end of its own line. 
Participants may play the amount of 13 rounds set's as often as they wish. 
In this synchronometer, the level 13 - Transcendency - endures the existence in the presence of love.

6/7: In this synchronometer, we have level 11 - Liberation - loosen up limitations, beliefs and boundaries, we are truly free. The level 12 - Cooperation - require one not to be rigid or want to control the outcome.

5/7: O Adversário 

The Opponent: On the other side is the power that exists and we can control with our strategy in the game, or our conscience in life. Time has a base speed and depending on the progress of the moves, it can decrease or increase speed. Interests that he can walk slowly or even stop, but in it there is a factor of free will that is released by a dice. The dice will tell us how time moves and how it will interfere with the energy and power of the players. 

In this synchronometer, at level 9 - Intent - the purpose of the action is set in motion, there is clarity in the movement where it comes and where it goes. At level 10 - Perfection - faces the paths and overcomes obstacles; accesses to the freedom and power to express their full capabilities.

4/7:::: Playing Symbology:

On the board cycle consisting of 13 rounds, according to the 13 levels of creation, all players will play at once, starting by the label of the first tone of your Spell Wave, this year. Everyone plays using the available energy. The cd rotates in one direction inside of labels and portals, which gives them the possibility of obtaining energy or powers that can be used to "Controlling the Time". However, as life is a constant exchange and learning as well as in the game, getting those powers and energy sometimes lead to having to overcome one of 5 types of challenges that generate direct interaction between participants: one Joke, one Rhythm, one Wisdom, a Mime, one Know Who I Am! 
In this synchronometer, level 7 - Canalization - motivates and search efficiency, inspires and creates, and tunes the service and action. At level 8 - Congruence - the action takes shape, ties qualify senses of reverence for life

3/7 :::: The Tottem:

In the game there are light beings, who are symbols represented by forest animals, which we identify with the universal elements: snake to the ground, monkey to the fire, the wolf to the ether, the eagle to the air, the fish to water. In the background, elements that represent the absolute power of the Great Mother Nature and powers conferred herein represent us access to more energy, align the level of time and rounds to advance players (jump in Spell Wave time cycle). In this synchronometer, level 5 - Action - brings together the resources and radiates from the center, causes wave effect. The level 6 - Balance – organizes equality and moderates the difficulties. 

2/7 :::: We are one!

In the game Symbology, there are "energy levels" to make the plays, and the energy of each palyer is at the same time the energy of all. Every time one spends energy on certain strategic choice on the board, also spends the global as if all participants were single players. 
In this synchronometer, level 3 - Service - unifies action and reaches the goal, help and support. Level 4 - Definition - decides how to act and take action, presupposes openness and trust.

1/7 :::: What is the game Symbology?

The game is a metaphor for how life would be in Zion, without competition and in harmony, in which the only obstacle is awareness of time and how it affects us when we are stronger or weaker physically and emotionally. In the game, the life of each participant will be able to intervene directly in the power the group has to control the "Time Energy". Each will have the opportunity to start according to his own energy and initial label of Spell Wave cycle. In this synchronometer, level 1 - Purpose - unifies a reason that drives us to achieve certain goal. Level 2 - Righteousness - it identifies the challenge and distinguishes which play allows you to have more impact on time.


OLIVETREEDANCE is a tribal dance music trio created in 2005 with Portuguese artists who blend together powerful, natural and organic sounds from indigenous instruments to create an infusion of contemporary grooves with unique and mind-blowing "ab'original" results. The mix of drums, percussions and didgeridoo transforms the organic rhythms into vibrating dance music, taking the audience away on a tribal journey experience. It is this unforgettable experience that continues to attract a diverse audience from different parts of the world.